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Innovative solutions

Our experts have years of global experience helping enterprises across all major industries...

Global Solutions Architects

Global Solution Architects are experts in distributed IT who work with your organization...

We power the digital leaders

Global solutions enablement experts have decades of specialized data center expertise...

Integration and Implementation

Top-tier enterprises and providers harness our trusted global platform to bring together and...

Network Edge

Modernize your network, deploy digital ready infrastructure at the edge virtually...


Includes clouds, networks, public internet, WAN providers and digital supply chain.

Business case expertise

Experience in application development and deployment, and the creation and maintenance of infrastructure that support complex environments across multiple platforms, including cloud, distributed systems and complex networking. Our experts have years of global experience helping enterprises across all major industries successfully transform their digital business infrastructure by bringing ideas and innovative solutions to customers.

Cloud & hosting

On the basis of standardized and scalable platforms, over 1600 users use their mail, web, CRM and ERP applications every day. HyperCon designs, operates and supports hardware, operating systems, applications and databases at the highest level of quality and security.

Managed IT services

Companies can outsource their entire IT or parts of it professionally and in line with their needs. Regardless of the size of the company, the first step in an outsourcing project is always a precise needs analysis. Design, implementation, operation and optimization of the IT platform and systems with network connection are important components of a dedicated overall solution.

Public Cloud Services

Get scalable, flexible solutions for managing your infrastructure. We offer access to major Cloud platforms, including Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, and Amazon Web Services.